Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection

One area many installers avoid is the annual fire alarm system inspection. Legal necessities mandate annual inspections of fire alarm systems in a variety of facilities. In some jurisdictions, this may be performed by the owner's staff, but the technicalities and liabilities indicate that a thoroughly professional evaluation, test and certification of the fire alarm system are necessary actions.

APi Systems Integrators makes it a priority to annually service installed systems, whether it's helping program clocks when the time or schedules change or regular inspections of system operations.

We have the specialized equipment and trained staff to efficiently inspect systems that may require sensitivity testing. Even if the work was done by others, we will provide the certification required for residential facilities.

Current requirements are for annual fire alarm inspections, with sensitivity testing every two years. Penalties for noncompliance far outweigh the cost. As a result, AHJ are adopting stricter requirements when alarm systems don't function appropriately.

Inspections are cost savers, because they often catch potential problems and allow for non-emergency resolution of those problems. As part of a maintenance program, the facility receives an Inspection Report enumerating the status of all devices and indicating any areas of deficiency or concern after each inspection.

Fire alarm system inspections are scheduled to accommodate you. By grouping inspections, we are able to cut travel costs for your company.

Please contact our service manager for details.